M3 4K Wireless Gaming Mouse

Color: White
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Introforming the brand new Darmoshark M3-4K gaming mouse. As an upgrade to the highly acclaimed M3 gaming mouse, the M3-4K offers a high-speed voting rate of 4000Hz. The mouse's performance has been drastically improved with faster response time, precise tracking and accurate response. With her improved polling rate, she makes the gaming and normal usage experience better in every way. The M3-4K offers a silky-soft click experience with the Kailh GM8.0 Black Mamba. It uses the PAW3395 flagship sensor in gaming quality and offers the user an adjustable DPI of up to 26000, 650IPS tracking and 50g acceleration!

Ultra-fast transmission performance thanks 4000Hz communication.
The Darmoshark M3-4K gaming mouse supports an ultra-fast 4000Hz return rate. At this rate, the game feeling is very direct and and conveys a naturally soft mouse sense of movement, the tracking is both precise and accurate, and the latency time is also greatly improved over conventional mice. The polling rate of 4000Hz makes the mouse an ideal choice for gamers and enthusiasts who want precise performance.

Please note that the 4000Hz is only supported in 2.4 GHz mode.

The 4000Hz mode leads to increased CPU utilization. For older and weaker systems we recommend the use of 1000Hz or 2000Hz.


4000Hz "FIX"

Example of optimal performance:

  • KribyOS spoiled KirbyOS11-22H2_22621.1926 _(MouseFix)
  • Use the highest possible performance mode in Windows
  • Disable any USB energy saving modes
  • Disable the C-States in the BIOS
  • If possible, select the USB controller to which no other devices are connected
  • Select USB 2.0 on the back panel (often black USB port) or USB CPU direct port at AMD system from Ryzen 5600X


  • Lightweight design
  • Three connection modes (Bluetooth/wireless 2.4GHz/wired USB Type-C)
  • Real 4000Hz polling rate
  • Silk Soft Tracking
  • High-end flagship optical sensor (PAW 3395) with maximum DPI: 26000
  • Powerful Kaihua GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switches
  • Supports custom macro functions
  • Simple settings with the driver software
  • Ultra-thin buttons like the wings of the cicadas
  • Comfortable handle

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